getting some needed sunshine.
june 7, 2014 - six years of being in love and counting.
"West 34th Street."
he stuck his old, beat up reservoir dogs poster straight onto the wall with mod podge, and it looks so cool.


when you back an animal
into a corner
does it surprise you
to see it bare its teeth?
claws flashing?
eyes narrowed?
mouth snarling?

why then
should it surprise you
that i
would show
the same fear?

i too am an animal
and i too prickle
in fear.

i don’t choose when i wear three wolf moon. three wolf moon chooses when it wears me.
i saw a fawn on the side of the road this morning, and it broke my heart. it didn’t sit right with me that the life and death of this beautiful animal was being ignored, that whoever hit it just kept on their way, so i went back and covered it with flowers. we don’t have to choose apathy. even after death, we can still choose love. taking a few moments to give respect is never time wasted. rest easy, little one. may your soul find more beautiful places.
so weird.
life with cats. (same basket as life with ferrets.)
life with ferrets.
a typical wednesday morning.
our boys.
pure love.
chubba bubba.