pig painting.


give me your demons and
give me your raging storms
your addictions
and self-destructions
your lashing anger and
pernicious mistakes
give me your sorrows
your self-doubts
your darkness
and i
will give you
a light.

show me where you’re frozen
and i’ll show you where you glow
your warm eyes
your gentle voice
your kind heart and
your old soul
tell me how your skin tears
and i’ll tell you why it heals.

unshroud all the cracks you bear
we’ll fill them up with gold.

pretty flowers.

here’s the deal: if you have nothing better to do than catcall me from your car window as i’m running, drive around the block so you can catcall me again, and then wait for me in a parking lot to do it a third time, you need to get a life. “i’m just telling you that you’re beautiful,” doesn’t help your case. street harassment is not a compliment, asshole.

albert hugging his teddy bear at the vet. omg.

mental illness

i am a soldier
in my own personal war
where the enemy is

albert went to the vet today, and he was such a good boy. nails trimmed, a shot, blood drawn, and a chip put in, and he didn’t even try to bite or scratch anybody.
fun hair.
my teammate and friend handed this down to me, and it means so much.
be kind.

a three-line love story

i have seen you fall
and yet
i did not love you any less.

so i was sitting in a doctor’s office on tuesday, reading a book and waiting for mark, when a man walked into the waiting room and approached the receptionist. he asked if the office had a cat and said there was a kitten outside, hiding near an electrical box and running around in the rain, scared and apparently alone. without hesitation, i put down my book and went outside to find it. after a bit of a chase in the rain, and with the help of my sweater as a net, i managed to catch the little baby (and of course immediately decided to keep it). we searched for a mom or other kittens but found no sign of either, so we took our newest family member to the vet. he’s about 6-7 weeks old. he’s shy and sweet and loves to snuggle. and his name is albert.
purple hair.